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All Change at Green Fingers 2013

The Green Fingers allotment has had quite a year.  We have a new tutor Tom, who we're all really pleased to be working with. He's been extremely busy getting to know us all and organising the allotment.  He has certainly had his work cut out, as our move to Magdalen Rd and the bad Winter left the site looking a bit sorry for itself.  The team wasted no time and quickly got on with sowing and planting in the spring and it's been a successful year, with produce a plenty.

Right: The Allotment Year 2013

On the Allotment 2011

2011 was another busy year for Green Fingers.  We decided to have a year off from competiting in the local Norwich in Bloom competitions so we could concentrate on our produce.  We grew some very tasty tomatoes in our greenhouse, which were made into very tasty tomato chutney.  We sold some plants on our stall at the Norwich Peace Camp, held at the Forum in June.  It was also a bumper year for our Bramley Apple tree, so we have had lots of apple cakes and crumbles.  We are still making jams and chutneys with last years produce, as we try to empty our freezers for this years crop.  Let's hope we have a good Summer 2012.


Top award for green-fingered youngsters

An allotment designed to increase the confidence of youngsters with learning difficulties has been recognised with a prestigious award.  The Green Fingers Allotment, set up by Stepping Stones, a centre to help young adults with special needs learn life skills, was presented with the Norwich in Bloom Summer Super Award after judges were wowed by the concept and variety of vegetables, fruit and flowers grown. Stepping Stones, a registered charity based on Upper Goat Lane in Norwich, was begun 20 years ago by a group of parents with experience of looking after those with learning difficulties.

“We weren't sure how we could top last year's success in winning four prizes. So, we were thrilled to learn that we had won. This is a bit like the Champions League with the entrants made up of all the winners in each category from last year. It's thanks to much hard work from all the students, staff and volunteers.”

Photo: Andy Darnell.

REBECCA GOUGH    Norwich Evening News
Spring Time for Green Fingers   

It has been a slow Spring weather-wise but things are happening on the  Allotment.  We are experimenting with strawberry containers this year.  We have an old kettle, a watering can, an old tyre, a wine carrier and an ice bucket.  Someone found an old beach bucket and we are also using our old broken coffee maker from the centre. We have filled the containers up strawberry plants.  We have also been sowing lots of seeds including:  tomatoes, chillies, peppers, squashes, courgettes, cucumbers, broccoli and sweet-corn. 

Strawberry PlantingChilli Seedlings


Nicky's Allotment Report July 2009

We have cultivated our 2nd allotment and are growing  squash,  marrows, pumpkins and sweet corn. I recently used one of marrows to stuff with sausage meat which was very nice. We all did some fruit picking including red and blackcurrants, gooseberries and strawberries and we have made some jam for people to buy.  I bought some mixed fruit jam for my mum and Dad.  We picked loads of broad beans and peas for us to eat and I had some broad beans too.

I looked up companion planting on the internet so we know what will work well with our plants next year. A few weeks ago the Thursday group took Sarah down to the allotment and  had a lovely  barbeque and did loads of fruit picking.  It was a nice sunny day.




Our Green Fingers Win - Again!

The Green Fingers Allotment has had a great year.  Back in July we were awarded first prizes for Best Allotment and Best Newcomer in the Norwich in Bloom Summer Competition, sponsored by Notcutts. 

In September we learned that we had also won the title of Best Special Needs Garden in the Anglia in Bloom competition.  To top it all, we have also won the title of Tallest Sunflower in the Norwich in Bloom competition.  The sunflowers were sown by Kate and Nicky and we all helped in feeding and watering.

Our hard work has certainly paid off this year.  Well done to everyone!

Oct 2008


Green Fingers at  The BBC Garden Show

“We took part in the BBC Garden Show at the Forum, in April. All the students and staff worked hard growing plants to sell and making flowers out of plastic bottles. We chose photos to tell the story of the Green Fingers Allotment and got T Shirts printed. I looked round the show on the Friday with Sue. It was good and lots of people came to our stall. I also went on Saturday with mum and dad and we bought some chilli plants. I also talked to a lady about her animals.” Joe

“The show was organised by our friends Gary and Wendy at the BBC in Norwich. Kate and I counted how many plants we had to sell and put labels on the flowerpots. I sorted photos with Cameron and we decided how they should be labelled. I went to the show with my Hamlet Centre friends on the Friday and bought a Cosmos plant. Then on Saturday I went with mum, dad and brother. Mum bought a Shoofly plant and some marigolds. Mum and dad thought the garden show was brilliant. Some of us went to visit the other stalls to see what activities people were doing. Everyone enjoyed the show. We raised £70.” Nicky

July 2008

Allotment Update

On 4th October the Service Delivery Team, from the Group Technology section at the Royal Bank of Scotland, abandoned the office and headed for the Stepping Stones Allotment, for an Away Day designed for team building and problem solving.


20 people were split in to 4 teams tasked with: clearing, levelling and preparing the base of a new shed, re-roofing and painting an old shed, preparing the ground and erecting the poly tunnel and clearing and digging as much of the remaining allotment as possible.

First things first though, everyone mucked in to clear away the debris that had accumulated after years of neglect. The arrival of the singing skip man from A&G Skip Hire proved to be the highlight of the day. It’s amazing how quickly a truck can be filled!

After lunch most jobs were well on their way to completion. The poly tunnel construction was a bit more complicated than first envisaged, so teams were rearranged and reassigned so as to complete as much as possible. Unfortunately the final stages of the poly tunnel construction had to be left for another day.

Cheese straws and lemon cake were provided by the students at Stepping Stones for an afternoon snack and were completely devoured with in minutes of their arrival. All in all the day was a great success.

Jon Rouse (Royal Bank of Scotland)


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