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Welcome to Stepping Stones 

Stepping Stones is a small, vibrant charity for adults with learning disabilities.  Our aim is to enrich lives by building skills, independence and making informed choices. We think it's important for everyone to be able to take part in and make a contribution to the world around them, so working in a person centred way, we build life and social skills through 4 subject areas - art & craft, cooking, horticulture and I.T. We are based at our resource centre in north Norwich, with our allotment a short walk away.


We love to make food together, cooking with the fresh fruit and veg we grow nearby. We produce all kinds of crafts, often using things other people throw away. We’re big on photography and video too, with our own mini TV channel Stepping Stones TV.  We really enjoy meeting people and in the last few years have been getting more active in our local area. We like finding ways to meet new people, share experiences and create chances for people to learn from each other. There's rarely a dull moment!

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Our Mission Statement reads: 'Our aim is for us all to increase our skills, so that we are better able to make choices to promote our independence, in our personal and working lives.'

All of us on the project are 18 years or older. Our training programme has been specially designed to meet our individual needs.  New students usually come when Social Services or parents get in touch, to see if there is a place available.

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Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to support the charity by making a donation or by volunteering some time to work with us. If you would like further information, or would like to visit the project to see for yourself what we can offer, please contact:

Viv Lee Project Manager - Telephone: 01603 419996  or email here:  viv@steppingstonesproject.com





Stepping Stones, 52 Magdalen Road, Norwich NR3 4AQ
Registered in England No. 2370795    Registered Charity No. 801275
 Special Needs Enterprises (Norfolk) Ltd