lovely fresh peas from our allotment

carol will be showing you how to make pea and mint soup with them tomorrow

here is the link to the recipe

salad and smiles

chris shows us how to plant tomatoes

long shot, medium shot, close up

some salsa steps from jose

another great video from the grange

Here is the recipe for Carol’s session

Carol would like you to have a look at this chart.

Have a think about the vitamins and minerals in the food that you are eating.

How healthy do you think you are eating?

What could you eat more or less of to benefit your health?

portrait work

natural and artificial light

have a go at making salt dough so you have some for sue’s session on wednesday

staying home and keeping busy

dj baby g dance party no.3 today at 2pm. Just press play and let loose in your living rooms!!

some stretches to help you stay active

this video will help you prepare for your gardening session on thursday

here is a link to some useful easy read information about covid-19:

here is the recipe for the pasta bake that carole demonstrated on friday. hope you like it.

congratulations and thanks to a very sporty student for her fundraising efforts. she completed a sponsored cycle of 2.6 kilometres and has donated the money raised to four charities including stepping stones. you are a star!

yellow, squishy and spongey photos

join us today at 5pm for a video call dance party with DJ Baby G

what we have been doing

Next dance party at 5pm on 17th April press play and start throwing shapes!

thirteen screens today (a new record)

our next video call will be on friday afternoon, get in touch if you want to join

spot the difference

a video from our friends at the grange

your photos of spring

thanks DJ Baby G that was great!

what we’ve all been doing

photos from Carol’s garden

anniversary edition 2019

spring 2019